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From the 1980s to early 2000s many Los Angeles area communities, experienced a significant culture of drug use and gang violence. African American and Latino gangs were very active in and around the city. Over the past ten years, there has been a significant decrease in violence. Some gangs and other smaller crews linger and maintain a smaller but still dangerous presence. Some youth who survived that era are now parents of young students and unfortunately, they are struggling to keep their children from repeating their childhood struggles.

In addition, youth violence, in general, has become very popular throughout the Nation amongst youth and is largely encouraged and applauded on multiple social media platforms, causing many youth to participate in such violent behavior to obtain a desired social status amongst their peers. 

Crossroads staff works with school counselors and administrators to address many issues of conflict that originate on campus, in the community or on social media, including videos, pictures and negative comments. 


Crossroads Mentoring Program is designed to insert Student Mentors (SM) into the schools with the objective of preventing gang and other types of youth violence and intervening in existing issues of conflict between students through one on one counseling, mentoring and other youth development approaches. 

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