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The City of Los Angeles Mayor’s Office of Gang Reduction and Youth Development (GRYD) was established in July of 2007 to address gang violence. GRYD implements a Comprehensive Strategy to drive funding and practice decisions across areas designated as GRYD Zones. GRYD currently provides gang intervention and prevention services in 23 GRYD Zones throughout the City of Los Angeles.
Crossroads currently facilitates GRYD prevention services in two communities, Gardena and Watts. Prevention services are designed for youth (ages 10-15) who are identified as high risk for joining a gang. High-risk youth are not identified as members of a gang, but may demonstrate behaviors that increase the likelihood of gang involvement or gang membership. Therefore, the model is designed to reduce the risk of joining a gang by addressing the youth at the individual, family, and peer-level, while strengthening problem-solving skills and the family’s structure and cohesion. 
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