Mission: Southern California Crossroads is a non-profit 501c(3) organization that was created to assist under privileged individuals who come from low income families in violence plagued communities. Our objective is to lead them to a Healthy, Peaceful and Productive lifestyle through prevention, intervention & re-entry services.

The Brick & The Rose: Nov. 21, 22 & 23 @ Whitefire Theatre

November 24, 2014

Bobby Moresco, has had tremendous success in Hollywood as producer of Million Dollar Baby and writer of Crash, which bestowed him with an Oscar in 2004. However, only few would know how connected he is to inner city youth who endure the same struggles he did as a teen.


For two years, Bobby and his team of staff and volunteers have been working with a select few of Southern California Crossroads kids, teaching them the art of theatre as they learned to perform 'The Brick & The Rose', a play about addiction, love and living in a rough neighborhood.  Our youth and several volunteers have worked trememndously hard on this project and thier performances this past weekend displayed thier dedication to the process. 


Thank all of you for coming out and we are planning to take the play to a school or venue near you! If you'd like to support a documentary on the project, please donate by using this paypal link.

Thank you for your help!

Uncle 'No Good'

October 31, 2014

We are proud to announce the creation of a new character that developed organically out of our film program, Uncle No Good (on the left). He is the uncle that everybody struggles to put up with, but is also that spirited loved one that we all can't live without. Stay tuned for You Tube videos starring Uncle No Good!

Restorative Justice Class in Action

August 12, 2014

Our Restorative Justice Classes focus on addressing the problems criminal behavior causes by examining the role that the victim, perpetrator and community play and how together, violence can be prevented in the future.

Crossroads Youth at Work

August 5, 2014

This past weekend, a couple Crossroads clients had the privilege to intern with Sol Masters, a solar panel installation company. The solar industry is a growing career field and is one of our areas of focus.

From Incarceration to Careers

July 21, 2014

Do you need a job? Our program assists18-24 year old offenders in need of Education & Career Development services. On Probation or Parole? Doesn't matter, we are here to assist. Refer a friend or loved one today. contact us here!

Hopes, Dreams & Balloons

July 2014

This short film was created by our Middle School students. Special thanks to Manny Jimenez, Saul Cervantes, Rachel Romero and Foundation for making this happen. 

Denzel sharing knowledge about the Arts & Life

June 2014

"Dreams without Goals are just Dreams, that will ultimately fuel disappointment." -Denzel Washington

The Need for Our Efforts is On-going

May 29, 2014

Images like this give us a reminder of why it is important for programs like ours to continute the fight to save young lives from youth and gang violence. We serve the South Los Angeles community (Lynwood, Compton, Watts, South Gate, Huntington Park, Bell Gardens and South Central) and unfortunately, our area is notorious for high levels of penetrating wound injuries, gun shot and stab wounds amongst youth. 

Promo Video for Employment Services-coming soon

May 24, 2014

In this short promo video, a young man is having trouble finding employment because of his background and lack of Employment Skills. While having a conversation with his mother, he accidently transports himself in to a Crossroads Job Readiness workshop. Stay tuned for the finished product.  

Crossroads Youth Win 3rd Place in PSA Contest

May 17,2014

Crossroads staff and film program participants attended the 9th Annual Youth Film Festival on Social Justice presented by Bresee Youth Center at Fox Studios.  Our 'Ready to Join a Gang?' PSA came in 3rd place out of Eighteen films. For more information about Bresee, visit thier website at: www.bresee.org

Film Program students attend 2014 Tribeca Film Festival

April 25, 2014 - New York

Six of our film program students received scholarships to attend the Tribeca Film Festival in NY, sponsored by Dr. Tchaka Shepherd and Dr. Michael Jimenez. The Lynwood & South Gate High School students represented thier film project at an exclusive screening of all NY & L.A. Tribeca Teaches films. 

Ready to Join A Gang?

April 2014

In our latest Gang Prevention PSA, a young men from the neighborhood finds himself having to answer a very common and extremely tough question to answer, "Are you ready to join the hood?" The idea is to remind youth of the consequences that face them if they make the choice to join a gang, while also reminding them that saying 'no' is an option and there are always reasons 'not' to join.

As we continue to raise awareness by creating media content that can be used as a tool to empower our youth, we hope you support our efforts by viewing our projects, liking them, reposting and forwarding them to friends.  

Teens Who Use E-cigs Are More Likely to Use Tobacco

March 2014, University of San Francisco:

While electronic cigarettes may be marketed as alternatives that will keep teenagers away from tobacco, a study suggests that may not be the case.

Trying e-cigarettes increased the odds that a teenager would also try tobacco cigarettes and become regular smokers, the study found. Those who said they had ever used an e-cigarette were six times more likely to try tobacco than ones who had never tried the e-cig. Read full story!

February 2014

“Si yo hubiera sabido desde hace tiempo que existía una organización como esta, tal vez me hubiera salido de las drogas hace mucho tiempo. Nunca pensé que hubiera alguien que a mi edad me pudiera ayudar a enderezar mi vida”, dice Rubio. “Por muchos años hice todo tipo de drogas y no fui a la preparatoria porque me interesaba más el dinero, así que conseguía trabajos aquí y allá, pero al final las drogas te consumen y terminas sin hacer nada. Por eso ahora, quiero estudiar y progresar”, agrega el joven.

*Click HERE to read article.

Gang Violence PSA in Post Production

February 2014

Paul Carrillo & TJ Conner collaborated on our latest Public Service Announcement that focuses on Gang Violence. Stay tuned as this video project will be released soon.

Lynwood High film students win honors with first project

Posted: Friday, October 25, 2013

LYNWOOD — A group of Lynwood High School filmmakers was recently recognized with an Outstanding Achievement by Youth Filmmakers award after debuting their first film at the East Los Angeles Film Festival 2013, produced by the East Los Angeles Society of Film & Arts. The short film, entitled “Our First Movie,” was shot in Lynwood and developed as part of the Tribeca Teaches Film Program at Lynwood High School in partnership with Southern California Crossroads and St. Francis Medical Center.

“Our film was about breaking stereotypes,” student Helen Iñiguez said. “Two young aspiring filmmakers with different opinions on their hometown make an unlikely pair and realize they’re not so different after all.” Students participating in the film included Saul García, Fernando Lopez, Christopher Contreras, Jorge Liscano, Hugo Franco, Jose J. Rodriguez, Anthony Montero, Adriana Vasquez, Alan Ventura and Iñiguez. To view the project, click here



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